Azores 1926-30 Parcel Post to Canada – Ceres stamps

Azores. 1926-30. Parcel Post. Receipt for a postal order sent from Ponta Delgada on September 9, 1931, to Canada, with a postage value of 73$30, to pay the postage of 3 packages, numbers 230, 231 and 232, all from the same shipper and to the same recipient. The stamps are $05 1$25 (these two from the London emission), 21 stamps of 2$00, one stamp of 10$00 and one of 20$00. The orders were sent by French steamer to Lisbon (September 24th) and then to Canada. Assuming that each order weighed 5 Kg, the postage of 73$30 is explained as follows: Parcel cost of $10. Shipping to the mainland (additional 25%), 2$57 for each order. Model 218. Extraordinarily rare postage, with stamps of 10 and 20 escudos, this being the only known example on a postal document.

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