Mozambique 1894 mixed Transval – Lourenzo Marques franking to Lisbon via London


Mozambique. 1894. Cover sent from Lourenço Marques on May 30th, 1894, to Lisbon, franked with a stamp of 50 reis D. Luis emboffed (defective upper right corner), and a stamp of 4d of the South African Republic (Transval), stamped in Pretoria on June 3rd.
The Mozambique-Transval mixed franchises were authorized by agreement between the two governments, for the sending of letters to Europe, via the South African Republic, using the train that linked Lourenço Marques to the border and from there continued to Cape Town. From the Cape, it went via the “Castle Line” to England, arriving in London on June 23rd, and arriving in Lisbon on June 27th. We are thus in the presence of a surcharge for rail mail and Transval transit. Transval stamps were sold in Lourenço Marques, and had to be affixed to correspondence, being cancelled in Pretoria. A dozen such covers with these mixed franchises are known.

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